Advisory at George Junior High

GJHS Advisory Curriculum

October 12 Daily Announcements

Make It Happen Monday!

ALL students will actively complete make-up work or study for classes. Before the end of Advisory, compose an email to your advisor and share a list or summary of the assignments you completed. Advisors will respond with feedback about what you are doing well and next steps to take if improvement is needed.

October 13 Daily Announcements

Talk It Over Tuesday!

ALL students will participate in peer tutoring today. Consult your peers in Advisory, email friends from class to get help with homework, consult your peers, or create a plan to complete your missing work before October 20 so grades get counted this quarter.

October 14 Daily Announcements

What to Read Wednesday!(Thank you Mrs. Cash!)


  1. Teachers, please share the screencastify with students. Students can rewatch this screencastify if they need further assistance. It’s located on our website under student links.
  1. Next, students will explore the Scary Book Genre by watching book trailers, book read alouds or searching for books on our catalog or ebook access page. Students should use this time to read. Advisors are encouraged to model this habit OR read aloud to students.


DUE FRI OCT 16, students can create their own scary book trailer of their favorite scary book and enter to win a prize! To submit their book trailer, please ask them to join our GJHS LMC Google Classroom. The code is zjpshlv

Look on our Library Home Page for the winner of last week’s National Hispanic Heritage Flyer Contest!!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Screencastify for Advisory LMC Scary Books

October 15 Daily Announcements

Think About It Thursday!

Expectation for Remote Learning Days is for students to check in all classes and make sure they are caught up. Our desire is for students to be able to use this time to catch up on learning tasks, THEN rest, and re-charge.

How should you use your remote learning days to benefit your educational success?

Optional: Continue reading or creating your book trailer!

October 16 & 19

Remote Learning Days

October 8 & 9

Daily Announcements

8th Grade - Door Decorating Week!!! Complete Door Decor by Friday, October 9 to be eligible for judging.

9th Grade-

1. Complete Advisory Norms and Motto

2. Practice on your own: Character Traits Kahoot! with the Game PIN:08350724

3. Study Opportunity!