Our Culture

The Walker Elementary vision is for all students to be college and/or career ready. Students will be respectful, responsible, and contributing citizens.

The Mission: 

Students will be actively engaged in their learning where critical thinking and perseverance are the standards. Families, staff, and community will partner to help students develop strong academic and social skills within a safe environment where curiosity and creativity are nurtured. 

1) We believe student, faculty, staff, families and community members are partners. They should all feel welcome and have a person responsibility in the educational success and culture of our school

2) We believe that all children should be proud of their accomplishments and their school community.

3) We believe all children are a unique, independent spirit that needs to be nurtured and challenged.

4) We believe being respectful, responsible, and caring citizens support teamwork, higher achievement and success in life.

5) We believe teachers have the responsibility to make learning engaging, meaningful, and challenging  in a classroom where students feel safe to take risks.

6) We believe learning is a lifelong process for all.